Ripples of Hope: Paris Agreement on Global Climate Change

Written by Fernanda Beirao

The European Commission issued a press release on 4 October 2016 stating that the European Parliament has approved the EU’s decision to ratify the Paris Agreement on global climate change[1], the first comprehensive climate agreement in the world. This comes 2 days after India ratified the Paris Agreement on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. The United States and China ratified it last month and Brazil was the first of the large emitters to ratify it right before the Olympic games. In order for the agreement to come into force, it needs ratification by at least 55 countries accounting for 55% of the global carbon emitters. Currently, 63 States have ratified it, and they are together responsible for 52.11% of global emissions. (The status of ratifications can be found here: ).

The ratification of the EU decision is significant because this will bring the ratifications over the 55% (of the global carbon emitters) threshold.

What does this mean?  

Does ratification necessarily mean that the countries would be taking positive steps towards the implementation of the Agreement?


[1] Available at:

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