Our Story

We are a group of environmental and sustainability professionals from different regions of the world, coming together with our diverse backgrounds and professional competencies with a commitment to make a difference in the way communities address environmental issues.

Meet the Founders

The seeds for Environment for Inclusion were planted in the hallways of Georgetown University in Washington D.C. where a group of enthusiastic masters students came together inspired to collaborate and address the environmental issues facing communities in our world.

The group extended to Fulbright Scholars and friends, and we formed Environment for Inclusion!


Mauro A. Chellillo


Head, Environmental Justice

Mauro is from Argentina.

He has worked as a community organizer and public interest lawyer on behalf of segregated communities in Argentina. He is currently a public servant in the Public Defender's Office in Buenos Aires City where he works on, among other issues, access to environmental justice. He is a Fellow at The Nature Conservancy and has been an Adjunct Professor in the University of Palermo and in the Universidad Metropolitana por la Educación y el Trabajo (Argentina)


  • Masters in International Environmental Law from Georgetown University on a Fulbright Scholarship.
  • Law Degree from Buenos Aires University.
  • Masters in Human Rights and Public Policy from University of Lanus, Argentina.
  • Graduate Specialization in Environmental Law in the University of Palermo, Argentina.



Maria Vizeu Pinheiro


Head, Environmental Governance and Sustainability

Maria is a national of both Spain and Portugal.

She works at the Climate Change and Sustainable Development Sector (CSD) at the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) providing policy and legal analysis on projects addressing the environmental management of water cycle, forestry and biodiversity aiming to enhance the environmental governance.  She was part of the Legal Department of Water and Environment of the public water company of Madrid, Canal de Isabel II for almost three year before coming to Washington DC. Also, Maria collaborated for six months with the representative Counselor of the Spanish Ministry of Environment and Agriculture in Washington DC before joining the IADB team. Maria is really interested on water management and natural resources regulatory frameworks. She likes to spend her free time enjoying activities in contact with environment. Surfing, hiking and scuba diving are among her favourites.


  • Candidate, Masters in International Legal Studies at Georgetown University with a focus on international environmental law.
  • Specialize on Environmental Law on the Escuela de Practica Juridica of Madrid where she was raked top of the class.
  • Law Degree from Complutense University of Madrid.

Fernanda Beirao


Head, Conservation of Biodiversity

Fernanda is from Curitiba, Brazil. 

She is currently pursuing her second masters degree at the Virginia Tech School of Public and International Affairs, and will focus her research on international economic development and climate change policy. She was a legal clerk at The Nature Conservancy Latin America and Caribbean team, the Humane Society of the United States and worked as a researcher for the Georgetown Climate Center through a practicum course, where she focused her research on climate change adaptation in Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Fernanda began her legal career studying international investment law and international arbitration, practiced in an arbitration boutique law firm in Brazil for 3 years, and spent three months interning at a small arbitration law firm in Hamburg, Germany. As a passionate scuba diver, her interest in environmental law and governance grew out of a concern for the oceans and for the near future impact of climate change on small island states.


  • Masters in Public and International Affairs Candidate at Virginia Tech
  • Master of Laws from Georgetown University.
  • Law degree from Universidade Federal do Parana, in Curitiba, Brazil.

Maria Noel Diez


Head, Community Engagement

Maria Noel Diez is from Rosario, Argentina.
Noel began her career working on community projects on a very grassroots level. Piqued by her interest in human interpersonal relationships, she pursued a career in organizational consulting and served as a consultant in Human Resources.
Noel is also a Organizational Coach with certified by the International Federation of Professional Coaching (FICOP) and she has served as such in different organizations, focusing on the development of the people´s potential and the growth of organizations without losing view of the delicate balance between the two factors. She has designed the syllabus, content and participated as a trainer in different workshops on Management, Communication and Teamwork, and has served on numerous occasions as group facilitator, promoting team work and collaboration.
  • Psychology degree from Universidad Nacional de Rosario.
  • Organizational Coach Specialization from ECID which is a degree recognized by the Argentine Association of Professional Coaches (AAPC) and the International Federation of Professional Coaching (FICOP).

Tania Ouariachi


Head, Climate Change Communication and Education


Tania is from Spain.

She is a Ph.D. student in Social Sciences at University of Granada (Spain), researching on gamification as a strategic edu-communication tool in the fight against climate change. She has been a Fulbright Scholar at the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University (USA). Tania has a multidisciplinary and international academic and professional background, having worked for the Regional Integrated Multi-hazard Early Warning System for Africa and Asia (RIMES), UNESCO, Human Rights Watch and different communication media.


  • Ongoing PhD in Social Sciences at University of Granada (Spain)
  • Master's Degree in International Humanitarian Action from the University of Groningen (The Netherlands).
  • Bachelor Degree in Journalism from the University of Málaga (Spain).